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Otázka: At the Travel agency

Jazyk: Angličtina pro hotelové školy

Přidal(a): Kristýna Koutníková



Speak about services provided by a travel agency

When travelling you can choose a travel agency to arrange the trip for you, or you can choose independent travel as do a lot of young people who go backpacking around the world.

Travel agencies arrange travel itineraries including, accommodation and board. You can buy package holidays, which means that you pay one price for almost everything. The price includes flights, transfers and accommodation and often meals at the resort. Different packages are offered, covering a wide price range: Travel and accommodation only is cheaper, but you have to buy your meals separately. Self catering apartments with their own kitchen are also offered. Bed and breakfast is only accommodation with breakfast. Half-board means breakfast and dinner are included. Full-board includes all meals. Sometimes meals can be eaten at any of the resort restaurants. All inclusive includes all drinks also at the hotel bar.

Package holidays may include optional excursions, some facilities e.g. sports massage. Other services:  Travel agencies also arrange flight, bus or train tickets, money exchange, travellers cheques exchange, travel insurance, visa if needed, tickets for cultural performances or sport matches.


Trips and sightseeing tours

Travel agencies offer organized tours with tour leaders to sights famous for their art and history, etc. such as  …….. Popular tourist destinations in the world / in the Czech Republic, are e.g.: …………

Special programs are also offered:

  • Adventure holidays might be an action-packed week of mountain biking, hiking, white-water rafting, paragliding, snowboarding, climbing, canoeing, kayaking, cross-country skiing, mushing, trekking, scuba diving, water skiing, wildlife holidays with activities from bird watching to whale-watching. They are popular but they can be expensive.
  • Alternative holidays mean different or unusual holidays. It might be holidays with some courses in practical and artistic skills such as painting, woodcarving, pottery …. For those who want something relaxing it might be yoga, meditations, or dancing etc.

Tourists today are always looking for new destinations and new activities.

  • Ecotourism uses locally-owned hotels and restaurants and employs local people as guides. It can help protect areas where animals and plants are in danger and helps local economic development.

Sometimes travel agencies offer discounts / reductions e.g. for children under 10. Nowadays, all travel agencies have their own websites, making the internet an important part of the travel business. Customers can find information and make on-line bookings. Buying travel services online rather than through a travel agent is quicker and usually cheaper for the customer.


Jobs in the Travel Sector

There are lot of employment opportunities in the travel industry. Tour leaders take groups of people on organized holidays or tours. A lot of travel is involved and you are responsible for making sure that the tour goes smoothly and that people enjoy their holiday. You check the transport arrangements, organize the accommodation, inform people what´s happening each day and deal with any problems. Tour operators organize package holidays. Travel agents  sell the holidays to the customers. Another job connected with travelling include tourist information officers, who advise tourists about accommodation, transport and sightseeing.


Promoting a Holiday Resort

First you have to decide exactly what your region offers to visitors – weather, natural features (mountains, scenery), culture, historical buildings. Next you have to know who your customers are? What are they interested in? How much money will they spend? Then you have to decide what´s the best way to promote your region (promoting method) – advertising in magazines, travel brochures, Internet, cultural events ….. Finally you have to arrange the finances.

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