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Czech national dishes and drinks

  • Foreign visitors may wish to try traditional dishes


Popular Czech soups

Popular Czech soups include: tripe soup, potato soup with mushrooms, sauerkraut soup, beef broth with liver balls/rice, garlic soup with cheese and fried bread, fish soup – typical for Christmas, goulash soup, giblet soup with noodles, vegetable soup, beef vegetable soup with meat and noodles, pea soup, South-Bohemian Kulajda (white dill and mushroom soup with hard-boiled egg), lentil soup, onion soup…


The most typical Czech dishes are:

  • Roast Pork, Dumplings and Sauerkraut (cabbage). Bread or potato dumplings are typical side dishes.
  • Sirloin in cream sauce served with a slice of lemon and cranberries.
  • Beef with Tomato Sauce Tomato sauce is one of the most popular Czech sauces. It is served with beef and bread dumplings.
  • Fried Carp with Potato Salad – fried carp is served with cold potato salad as a traditional Christmas Eve meal.
  • Fruit Dumplings – Fruit dumplings are a specific delicacy of Czech cuisine. Various types of fruit dumplings are made of leavened, potato, or quark dough, and then filled with fruit.
  • Roast Duck or Roast Goose with homemade dumplings and Red Cabbage
  • Potato Pancake is a garlic seasoned fried potato pancake. It is served as a side dish, but is also excellent on its own.
  • Dill sauce in combination with dumplings and eggs
  • Schnitzel with potatoes. Potatoes are very popular as a side dish
  • Carlsbad goulash with Carlsbad dumplings
  • Fried Cheese with Tartar Sauce



  • Pancakes and crepes are popular as a dessert or a main meal. Usually, they are served with jam or fresh fruit and cream.
  • Moravian or Bohemian Buns or Kolatche filled with Plum Jam / cheese filling
  • Apple roll (Strudel)
  • Fruit dumplings with curd cheese, sugar and cream or with poppy seeds sauce
  • Honey cake is very popular.


Appetisers and Food Served with Beer

  • Ham roll filled with horseradish cream. Ham rolls are a festive Czech appetiser.
  • Pickled Hermelín (ermine). Hermelín is similar to French camembert.
  • Utopenci “Drowned Men” are sliced sausages and onions, pickled in a sweet and sour marinade. They are usually stuffed into a large jar.
  • Fish Rolls are slices of herring rolled up with a vegetable filling, pickled in a sweet and sour marinade
  • Grilled sausages are served with mustard, horseradish, brown bread.


Traditional drinks

  • Czechs consider beer to be their traditional drink. It´s an importnant part of the culture. The most widely known Czech beers include Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus, both from Pilsen, Budvar (known as Budweiser) from Southern Bohemia and Staropramen from Prague. There are over 60 breweries.
  • Very good wines come from Mikulov, Znojmo and Bzenec in Southern Moravia, and from Mělník in Bohemia
  • Becher liqueur (Becherovka) from Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) is a herbal liqueur. It is made with a traditional recipe and contains Karlovy Vary spring water, quality ethanol, natural sugar, and a specific mixture of herbs and spices. It was first offered on the market in 1807. Most often, it is most often drunk on its own; but in recent years, it has become a popular component of mixed drinks.
  • Moravian plum brandy is as well known as Fernet, another bitter herbal spirit.


Culinary specialties of towns and cities

Czech products with a trademark of origin also include: Stramberk ears, Carlsbad Oblaten, Hořické rolls with a chocolate filling, Pardubice gingerbread, and Olomoucké syrečky (Special Curd cheese from Olomouc).


Typical Restaurants and beer houses

  • The famous Restaurant Brewery U Fleku or the first New Town Restaurant Brewery are in Prague.
  • In the Pilsen brewery is the largest Czech pub, Na Spilce with traditional Czech cuisine and excellent beer from Plzeňský Prazdroj.


Czech table d´hote menu

  • Menu 1 – Chicken soup , Mushroom sauce, boiled beef, bread dumpling, Apple roll
  • Menu 2 – Frankfurt soup, Duck, red cabbage, Carlsbad dumplings, Plum dumpling, cheese, sugar, cream
  • Menu 3 – Old Bohemian cabbage soup with homemade sausage, Baked goose with apples, ginger, red cabbage and mushroom stuffing, Homemade plum dumplings with cottage cheese
  • Menu 4 – Kulajda Soup, Baked duck, Dumplings, sauerkraut, Honey cake
  • Menu 5 – Garlic soup , Grilled ribs, mustard, horseradish, bread, Plum cake
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