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Otázka: Preparing a banquet

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Banquet occasions

  • Banquets can be held for many occasions.
  • Many people or companies hold banquets for an anniversary or social events.
  • We can also prepare a cold buffet, hot buffet, lunch buffet, dinner buffet


Types of banquets

  • There are many various types of banquets.
  • Many people host birthday banquets, wedding banquets, graduation banquets, New Year´s Eve banquets, Christmas banquets, business banquets.


Tasks of the restaurant staff

  • The banquet manager organizes the event.
  • The food and beverage manager is responsible for the restaurant and the kitchen.
  • The headwaiter manages the wine waiters and waiters and waitresses.
  • The bar manager is responsible for the bar staff.
  • The head chef is in charge of the kitchens – the sous chef, chefs and kitchen porters.


Festive table

Before the banquet starts, the waiters prepare the tables in banqueting style, e.g. in a U –shape. They set the festive table. They put a tablecloth on it and decorate it with candles, flowers, napkins, banquet menu cards, name cards. They set out festive dishes (plates: dinner plates, soup bowls, side plates, dessert plates, glasses: water, red and white wine, champagne glasses, cutlery: knives, forks and spoons)


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