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  • Basketball is team sport that was invented in the year 1891 by Canadian-American gym teacher James Naismith in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States. He wanted to condition students and keep them indoor during winter.
  • There were only thirteen rules of „basketball“.
  • Now, basketball is one of the world’s most popular sports.
  • First international game was held in year 1952 in Saint Petersburg.
  • Real international organization, that organise competitions and define rules is FIBA. It was formed in year 1932.
  • First Olympic games, where the basketball was played, were in year 1936 in Berlin.
  • First World Championship was played in year 1950 in Argentina.


Rules 5×5

  • Basketball is team sport, where two teams play against each other on the indoor court. The goal is to throw the ball to the defender’s basket, which is 3,05 m above the floor.
  • Basket could have 3 different values – behind the 3-point line – 3 points, inside 3 point line – 2points and free throw – 1 point. Free throw throws the player who was fouled during shot.
  • After five fouls player must leave the game (6 fouls in NBS).
  • Ball is made of leather and men has size 7, woman size 6, and children under 14 years play with size 5.
  • Each team has five players on court and 7 on the bench. Each team is managed by the coach.
  • Each team can substitute one or all players while the time is stopped.
  • Game is divided into 4 periods and each period has 10 minutes (12 in NBA).
  • Team, who has more points at the end of the game, wins. If the score is tied, there is an extra time for 5 minutes.
  • The limit for attack is 24 seconds and if the team is not able to shoot, them loses the pall possession.


Rules 3 x 3

  • Three ex three basketball is very old format long played in streets and gyms across the world.
  • First official competitions started in late 2000’s and for the first time 3×3 basketball was played at Olympic games in Tokyo in 2020.
  • It is variant where only the half of court I used, and each team has only 3 players on court and one for substitution. Team that has first 21 point wins the game. Shot behind three-point line is for two points and basket inside is for 1 point.  The ball has size 6.



  • NBA – National Basketball Association is a professional basketball league in North America. The league has 30 teams (29 from USA, and 1 from Canada – Toronto Raptors).
  • First season was played in years 1946/1947.
  • Teams are divided into 2 conferences and each conference in 3 divisions. Each team plays 82 games during regular season and then 10 best teams in each conference plays playoff, that has four rounds and in each round the team must win 4 games to advance to the next round. In the NBS finals best team from east conference face the best team from west conference. The winner is celled World Champion and get the trophy and each player get special ring.


Records NBA

  • Teams that have won most titles – 17 – are Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Golden state Warriors hold record for most wins in regular season – in season 2015/2016 they won 73 of 82 games.
  • Bill Russel is the NBA player that has most titles – 11.
  • Most points in NBA scored Kareem Abdul-Jabbar – 38.387.
  • Phil Jackson is the NBA coach, who has most titles – he won 11 rings with Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers.
  • Greg Popovich, the coach of the team San Antonio Spurs, had won most NBA games and he is still active coach of the same team.



  • Best team completion in Europe is Euroleague. In this year it has 18 teams from whole Europe, when each team plays 2 times against each other (home x away) aned after that best 8 teams play playoff (1×8, 2×7, 3×6, 4×5). And four teams then play final tournament called Final four (semifinals, final, 3rd place game). Last two years won the title team from Turkey – Anadalo Efes Istanbul. In this year two Czech players play Euroleague in team FC Barcelona – Tomáš Satoranský and Jan Veselý.
  • This competition plays also woman team and Czech team USK Paraha is one of the best teams in recent history – they won title in 2015.


The Czech Republic

  • History of basketball in the Czech Republic is very old, because, as I said, first game of basketball was played in the year 1897. Interesting thing is, that it was at grammar school in my town Vysoké Mýto, where professor Karásek showed this game with his students.
  • Czech Republic was also one of 8 countries that founded FIBA organization in 1932.


Our best successes are:

  • Gold medal at European championship men 1946
  • 6 silver a 5 bronze medals from European championship men (last medal 1985)
  • Silver medal at World championship woman 2010
  • Gold medal at European championship woman 2005
  • Silver medal at European championship woman 2003


Best players

  • The Czech Republic has five players than played in NBA
    • Jiří Zídek
    • Jiří Welsch
    • Jan Veselý
    • Tomáš Satoranský
    • Vít Krejčí – still plays – in this year in team Atlanta Hawks
  • Best players in the history of Czech basketaball are – Jiří Zídek senior, Stanislav Kropilák, Kamil Brabenec, Josef Jelínek.
  • In the year 1996 was Eva Němcová named as best European basketball woman player.


My favourite players

  • My favourite player is Luka Doncic form Slovenia. He now plays for Dallas Mavericks in the NBS. He is 24 years old, 2.0m height and his weight is 104 kg. He plays as point guard, but his play is very versatile, and he scores a lot of points and has many rebounds and assists and that is why he is my favourite player.


My Career

  • Basketball is very popular in our family. My both grandfathers played this sport for their whole life and my mother, and my father played basketball. And all of them were also basketball coaches and my father still coaches young players.
  • So, I also started to play basketball when I was 10 years old. At first, I attended basketball classes in our grammar school. After two year we started to play young regional competition in basketball club in my town Vysoké Mýto. Because we had not enough players in my age, I change club and I started to play in Litomyšl, which is 15 km far from my town. When I was 14, I played one year in Pardubice the best competition in the Czech Republic for payers under 15 years. This year I play U19 league for men in Litomyšl and East Bohemia regional league for adult in Vysoké Mýto.
  • I mostly play position 3 – small forward or 4 power forwards. I like to shoot 3 pointers.
  • I love this game.
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