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Otázka: Photography

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Hi everybody, today I’d like to talk about photography. I got interested in photography like a year ago and I think i gained some experience during that time. In the next couple of minutes i would love to share some basic knowledge with you.


I am gonna start with a breef history of photography.


The first photo ever was taken in 1826 in France. The photo itself was captured at polished tin plate with a petroleum solution on it. The camera was capturing the photo for 8 hours streight. But this process wasn’t effective at all, so couple of years later they started using silver plates wit iodine and mercury fumes. That’s the kind of photography you can see in old movies.


A big break in for photography was the invention of a kinofilm. That was in the year 1884 and the inventor’s name is George Eastman ( not important ). Since then photographers don’t have to carry around big plates and any dangerous chemical substances. But it still wasn’t like today, when you take your camera in the bathroom, do some funny face and upload it to facebook. Photos were only on paper and you have to go to the photographic studio if you wanted some photos of you and your family (or anything else really).


I’d say that the time when people started to capture family moments themselves (with no help from a photographer) was around 1940 -1960


In 1969 the first digital sensor (called CCD), which hadn’t have to use any kinofilm, was invented. You see, kinofilm worked at chemical bases, but CCD sensors are only digital. Anyway the first camera using CCD sensor wasn’t made till 1981. Digitilizing started to spread and now most of people use digital cameras.


Having a digital camera is a huge advetage, because you take the photo and see how it looks on the screen, you can send a photo, adjust, uprage, remake the photo in one of many digital editors, you don’t have to have an extra closet just for your photos and its much more healthier for the environment .


I thing most of you have a digital camera, so i would like to give you some advice how to make your photos better.


So, a few thing about composition, but first of all, what a composition is? ( any idea? LISTEN ) Yeah/No It is (actually, in fact) how you organize the photo, what you want to emphasise and what to suppress.


Composition always has:

– the Main element-that is what defines the photo

-the additional elements- they support the main element or even explain the photo.

-and disturbing elements- they somehow crush the photo, it’s thing like a tree growing from someones head or horizon in level of someones eyes or limb cut of in knuckles


Here an example of how it works:

Lets say you want to take a photo of your friend, as if he is a photographer, so you don’t just take a photo of a guy siting in a chair. No, you give him a camera to his hands, so people know that he’s a photographer. And of course you won’t let any trees grow from his head.

There is much more you can do in composition and photography in general, you can play with colours, light, contrast, symetry, curves, use a different types of gear and many other stuff, but to talk about all of these things would take a couple more hours maybe even days…

So this is pretty much what I wanted to tell you. Some of my photos, any questions?

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