Charities – maturitní otázka z angličtiny

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Charles Dickens


Otázka: Charities

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): BranislavBundzel




We, people living in affluence, in industrially advanced countries, make efforts to help other people in developing countries. We help them in their fighting against illnesses such as AIDS, malaria, malnutrition etc. A lot of people still suffer from hunger in the 21st century and that is alarming! How can we make their social situation better and children´s lives from poor family background? They also suffer from shortage of clean drinking water which can carry other intestinal troubles and illnesses, so it´s necessary to educate them how to keep the quality of drinking water. And just education in developing countries is also very necessary for their protection against sexually transmitted diseases and for the safe sexual intercourse, of course.


There are also natural catastrophes, which can change their lives from foundations, for example hurricane, earthquake, typhoon, tsunami, floods etc. They can become the homeless in several minutes. The most heavy hearted reason why we try to help the others – are the war conflicts. Nowadays Europe is flooded of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Africa and the number is going to increase in the nearest future. At the moment the refugees feel the lack of shoes and warm clothes with coming winter.


The charitable and various voluntary organizations were founded in industrially advanced countries in support of these needed people. They organize the charitable collections for buying of food, medication and medical material, clothes, covers, building material etc. They work on the principle of charity. For example there is an organization „A man in distress“ in the Czech republic and in the world is a well known organization of the Red Cross.

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