Cultural life – maturitní otázka (2)


Otázka: Cultural life

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): NP



I’d like to start by telling you about culture in general. Culture is everything creative we do, for example arts (like music, painting, literature and many more). Culture is an integral part of our live. I think everyone has a cultural life. For some it is a bigger part of everyday life, for others it is smaller. The first manifestations of cultural life have been present in human society since prehistoric times – wall paintings (murals in caves), dancing and singing by the fire, etc. Culture is all around us, though sometimes we don’t even realize it.


Each of us engages in culture in a different way. Because there are so many ways in which culture becomes part of us. For example, we can go to the theatre for a play, opera, musical, ballet, pantomime, stand-up comedy and more. We can also go to the cinema for a new movie. Museums are suitable for history lovers. The galleries offer us, for example exhibitions of paintings or photographs. Music or sports events are also very popular. We can also enjoy culture at home. We can watch films at home, listen to music. If we are talented, we can easily do a concert (if we can sing or play any music instrument) or play theatre at home with family or friends. It’s not my case, but I think it can be really funny.


Next I want to tell you something about myself and my cultural life. Culture belongs to my life. I prefer watching films, listening to music and going to various events in my area. I usually watch movies at home. To be honest, I don’t know when I was at the cinema last time, but I think it was with my class and I think it was a document about Chine. I don’t go to the cinema because I don’t have time or there is no one to go with me.  My favourite movie genres are adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy and science fiction. My favourite movies are avengers, hunger games and labyrinth. I like to read too. My favourite book genres are basically the same as the movie genres. I love listening to music. My favourite kind of music is KPOP. But I have no problem with any music. I can listen to almost everything from jazz to rock, pop. Only classical music is not my cup of tea.


On the other hand, I don’t like going to theatres, museums, galleries or sporting events. But I have also exceptions when I enjoy their visit, their exposition or program interests me, but this doesn’t happen really often. I hate historical tours of castles and similar places. Their visit is really boring for me. I quickly stop paying attention. It’s always the same – 50 names, 60 dates and 44 identical doors and closets. I don‘t play any musical instrument. I said earlier that I like listening to music, because music gives me a lot of energy. But I really can’t play any musical instrument and I can’t even sing. I mean, I really love music, but definitely not in my own performance.


The last point I want to address is information about the culture in my village. My village is very culturally based. We organize many events here. Wine tasting, hunting ball, gathering of pensioners, burning of witches, two posvícení – I did not translate this word because I didn’t find a good translation. I think they don’t have a word for it in English. Fire races, fish races, Advent meetings, New Year’s Eve event, Christmas concert, children’s day and many more.  I personally attend many of these events and I really like it, it is part of my life. In many cases, I participate directly as a dancer (for example, during posvícení/feast) or as an assistant (for example, during fire races, I record team times).


In the end, I would like to say that our cultural lives are very limited today. Ongoing pandemics and anti-pandemic restrictions don’t allow us to hold such cultural events, but I believe that we will overcome it and go to the cinema or concert again and together.

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