Culture and Entertainment – maturitní otázka

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Otázka: Culture and Entertainment

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Lucie Matějičná



Entertainment can be anything what we can do in our free time and by this I mean for example music, concerts, cinema, theatre, dancing, festivals.


Cinema is a building where we can watch new movies on a big screen for an admission(entrance). There are also 3D technology cinemas which pull you in film and it’s like a reality but you need to wear special glasses with blue and red parts, usually made of plastic. In cinema you can buy popcorn and coca-cola and enjoy the film with cinema atmosphere.


Theatre is something more formal – you need to wear formal clothes. For man it’s tie, bowtie, shirt, suit, tuxedo, tailcoat and for women it’s dress, skirt, blouse, court shoes. You can book your tickets or you can have season ticket that allows you to visit more than one show. You can have a common seat in stalls, boxes that are prestigious and not cheap, you can sit in dress circle that is lowest balcony or in highest balcony which is called upper circle. You can even rent opera glasses. The parts of theatre are: Orchesta pit – which is not available for visitors, stage where the play is played, auditorium – where the people sit.  Before the play you can also buy a programme where you can read info about the část, stars, roles, synopsis, stage scenery, designer and other things. During the show there are some intervals – breaks. Kinds of theatre perfomances: comedy, tragedy (Romeo and Juliet), opera, musical, ballet, pantomime…


Next activity you can do is dancing. You can dance on ball (prom, fancy-dress, fireman…) In czech republic it’s typical to start with dancing lesson at age of 16 learning walz, polka, tango, ča.-ča, tumba, jive and polite behaviour which is very educating I think. You need to wear special clothes as well as to the theatre.


If you like music, you can go to concerts or to music festivals. It’s popular show of one or many bands and singers. Festival od concert can be oper-air also, in general in the summer. It remings me of Colors of Ostrava or Beats 4 love festival. Where you have all the genres of music. You can drink there, dance, listen to music, eat some good food and be with your friends or meet new people.


If you like art, you can visit some museums (history, nature, cars, anything) or galleries. We can find art even on streets which is called street art and it’s often illegal. It’s expression of a style. You can even go to some exhibitions what is an event where some art pieces are showed (paintings, photos, arts, sculptures).


In your free time you can also read books, magazines. Exist many genres: scifi, fantasy, crime. You can read novels or cooking books, dictionaries. You can go to library to borrow some book.

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