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Otázka: Culture and Entertainment

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Lucie Matějičná, AnKo



Entertainment can be anything what we can do in our free time and by this I mean for example music, concerts, cinema, theatre, dancing, festivals.



  • Theatre is something more formal – you need to wear formal clothes. For man it’s tie, bowtie, shirt, suit, tuxedo, tailcoat and for women it’s dress, skirt, blouse, court shoes. You can book your tickets or you can have season ticket that allows you to visit more than one show. You can have a common seat in stalls, boxes that are prestigious and not cheap, you can sit in dress circle that is lowest balcony or in highest balcony which is called upper circle. You can even rent opera glasses.
  • The parts of theatre are: Orchesta pit – which is not available for visitors, stage where the play is played, auditorium – where the people sit.  Before the play you can also buy a programme where you can read info about the část, stars, roles, synopsis, stage scenery, designer and other things. During the show there are some intervals – breaks. Kinds of theatre perfomances: comedy, tragedy (Romeo and Juliet), opera, musical, ballet, pantomime…
  • It is more expensive than the cinema. The relationship between actors and spectators is very close. The performance is very original (this is the reason why some people visit one play three times or more).
  • In Prague are the National Theatre, Theatre pod Palmovkou, Theatre ABC


Cinema and movies

  • Cinema is a building where we can watch new movies on a big screen for an admission(entrance). There are also 3D technology cinemas which pull you in film and it’s like a reality but you need to wear special glasses with blue and red parts, usually made of plastic. In cinema you can buy popcorn and coca-cola and enjoy the film with cinema atmosphere.
  • Now is the film industry in Czech very extensive, however what we don’t see are more action or multi-cost film compared to the American ones.
  • For the Czech is typical forms of the films rather family comedy, criminals or sometimes dramas
  • Personally, I prefer to American films because they are more elaborate and more interesting. The Czech films for me are something stupid, boring and something kosher what about the etches of these modern times
  • For example many film’s producers prefer the Czech Republic for filming their films. For example, Spiderman in Liberec.


Music and dance

  • If you like music, you can go to concerts or to music festivals. It’s popular show of one or many bands and singers. Festival od concert can be oper-air also, in general in the summer. It remings me of Colors of Ostrava or Beats 4 love festival. Where you have all the genres of music. You can drink there, dance, listen to music, eat some good food and be with your friends or meet new people.
  • For the Czech Republic are the most famous persons in world music – Josef Kajetán Tyl, because he wrote the National hymn – Kde domov můj. Next famous Czech persons are for example Antonín Dvořák and Bedřich Smetana.
  • Next activity you can do is dancing. You can dance on ball (prom, fancy-dress, fireman…) In czech republic it’s typical to start with dancing lesson at age of 16 learning walz, polka, tango, ča.-ča, tumba, jive and polite behaviour which is very educating I think. You need to wear special clothes as well as to the theatre. The national dance is Polka, which was founded in 1830 in Czech.


Visual arts

Czech English/American
Painters Alphons Mucha

One of the most famous painters of world Art Nouveau (Světová secese)

Andy Warhol

Pop-art painter, he was painting M. Monroe

Sculptors Josef Václav Myslbek

He made a monument to St. Wenceslas

Alexander Calder

Sculptor of 20th century, he made a mobile sculptures

Architects Petr Parléř

Architect of st. Vítus Cathedral

Frank Gehry

He built for example Dancing House or Walt Disney Concert Hall

If you like art, you can visit some museums (history, nature, cars, anything) or galleries. We can find art even on streets which is called street art and it’s often illegal. It’s expression of a style. You can even go to some exhibitions what is an event where some art pieces are showed (paintings, photos, arts, sculptures).



  • In your free time you can also read books, magazines. Exist many genres, you can read novels or cooking books, dictionaries. It is possible tp go to library and borrow some book.

We can divide literature in two major forms:

  • Prose
  • poetry

A literary genre is a category of literary composition. We have a lot of literary genres:

  • Fairy tale
  • Horror
  • Comedy
  • Thriller
  • Drama
  • Adventures
  • Romantic

The famous authors in Czech and Czechoslovakia are Karel Čapek, Franz Kafka, Jaroslav Seifert, Bohumil Hrabal…


Culture in Prague

  • In Prague is everything from culture, but the famous place is for example the National Theatre, the National opera, the National Museum and etc.


Možné otázky u zkoušky

  • How often do you go to the cinema or theatre? Tell me something about it.
  • Is music important to you? Why? / Why not? Tell me something about it.
  • What was the worst/best film you have ever seen? Tell me something about it.
  • Would you like to be a movie star? Why? / Why not?
  • Which cultural events are the most popular among young people? Tell me something about it.
  • Should towns/cities support be organizing cultural events such as concerts and festivals?
  • Do you go to a library? Why? / Why not?
  • What kind of music do you like listening to? Tell me about it.
  • Can music change your style? How? / Why not?
  • Are there good cultural events in your town? Tell me about them.
  • Have you ever seen a concert? Tell me about it.
  • Could you be without books? Why? / Why not?
  • Do you think people will stop reading books in the future? Why? / Why not?
  • What does fun mean for you? Tell me about it.
  • Are you funny? Why? / Why not?
  • Do you like listening to jokes? Why? / Why not?
  • When was the last time you really had a good time? Tell me about it.
  • Can you enjoy time when you are alone? Tell me about it. / Why not?
  • How would you help to your friend who was sad? Tell me about it.
  • Do you like going to a theatre? Why / Why not?
  • Have you ever seen a musical? Tell me about it. / Why not?
  • Is going to a theatre popular? Give your opinion.
  • What is better for you: going to a cinema, or to a theatre? Why?
  • What should people wear to a theatre? Tell me about it. Why?
  • Have you ever wanted to become a playwright? Why? / Why not?
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