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Otázka: Reading books

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Mensa30



Why do people read? What is reading useful for?

  • I think that people read, because they want to develop their mother tongue or they just want to while away the time. I usually read, because I want to escape from reality.


What kinds/genres of literature do you know?

  • There are two types of literature: non-fiction and fiction.
  • Non-fiction literature is for example atlas like (maps, charts, tables) textbook, encyclopaedia (countries, events) a lots of mothers use cookery book with recipes, somebody can writes memoirs or diaries.
  • Fiction can be written in prose or poetry.


What kind of information can you get from these books?

Can you say what the content of these genres is about(fairy tale, fables, detective story)?

  • Prose isn’t written in verses and prose can be novel,
  • Fairy tale where are supernatural creature like (prince princess king, queen or dwarf, goblin, dragon or witch) and the good always wins over evil.
  • In Fables there are usually animals with human’s behaviour and at the end of the fable is some moral lesson.
  • Detective story there is (detective, murder, murderer and victim)
  • Poetry is written in verses and there is usually a story about love, adventure, strange happening set in an unusual place.


Talking about the content of a story, novel, romance

  • Author has to depict a story in which the reader is discovered. Author has to describe a characters in the story, because someone is good someone is bad and during the story characters are developing.
  • In the story there is a plot (zápletka). It can be simple, complicated or the story just hasn’t any plot. In the novella, there is usually surprising turn and ending is really unexpected.
  • A lot of books are readable and they are exciting, amusing and moving, but the others are very depressing.
  • When I was younger I loved harry potter and when I began this story I wasn’t able to put it down.


My reading habits (When did you start reading? Can you remember the first book you read? Did you like reading or being read fairy tales or fables? Do you know any? (the frog prince, the crow and the cheese) Do you like reading? Do you choose a book to read by yourself do you follow any body´s advice as what to read? How do you read? How many books a year do you read? Do you go to the library? What kind of literature do you prefer? Who is your favourite author? What can you say about her life? What have you read by her?

  • I started reading when I learned every the letters. The first book was krtek written by Zdeněk Miler.
  • Before I have read my first book, my mother every night being read me a fairy tale or fable. My favourite fable was the crow and the cheese and my favourite fairy tale was snow white.
  • I like reading very much, because I can escape from reality. I usually choose a book to read by myself, but sometimes my mother or my uncle advises me, what I can read. I never leaf through a book, because when I want to read some book I don´t want to just glance through a book. When I was younger I had enough time to read a book at one sitting, and every new volume of harry potter I just devoured it and I burned the midnight oil, just because I must know how the book ends.
  • I read about twenty books a year. I don’t go to a library and I usually buy new book at the internet, because I usually read new books and they aren’t in the library. I prefer fiction literature, because there isn’t real world but completely different.


My favourite writer is J.K. Rowling; she has written a series of books about young wizard Harry Potter. She has lived on social benefits, but only five years later she became multi – millionaire within five years. I would definitely recommend you to read it, because I think it´s really beautiful story about friendship and magic world, which J.K. Rowling created.


William Shakespeare was born on the 23th April, 1564 at Stratford-upon-Avon as the oldest son of John Shakespeare, a well-to-do merchant. At the end of seven he started at the local grammar school and was educated there. At eighteen he married Anne Hathway from a nearby village. She was eight years older than him and already pregnant. They had three children.

  • There were nearly no records of Shakespeare’s life during the seven years that followed – except on mention from 1588 which shows that he probably stayed at Stratford. But by 1592 he was already and established actor and playwright in London. He joined the Lord Chamberlain´s Men in 1594, working as a leading actor and dramatist. By 1599 this all-male grow of experienced and talented players. No women appeared on stage, handballed their own theatre, the Globe. Its owners were members of the company, including Shakespeare, who shared in its profits. For the next decade the Globe, on the Thames at Bankside, was to be London´s chief theatre and the home of Shakespeare’s work. Many of his greatest place were written during those ten years and were acted there. In 1613 the Globe was destroyed by fire. But the company has moved into smaller playhouse, the Blackfriars. This was an indoor theatre, unlike the Globe which was open to the sky, and it had technical facilities.
  • In 1612 Shakespeare, went home, he was now a wealthy man and, before 1597, bought a handsome house Now Place. Here with his wife spent the last ten years of his life. He died on the 23th April, 1616.
  • Shakespeare has written tragedy and comedy. The most famous tragedy is Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, King Lear. The most famous comedy are a Midsummer night´s Dream, The Merchant of Venice or The Merry Wives of Windsor.
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