Effects of working in a company abroad (report)


 Otázka: Effects of working in a company abroad

 Jazyk: Angličtina

 Přidal(a): T. Jelínková




The principal purpose of this report is to present findings of working in a company abroad for a short time. In addition, recommendations will be made as to how students can better manage their business work abroad.


Motives behind being a business worker abroad

In general, the most common reason that was cited by the survey participants for going to another country during the course was to develop their language skills. Some students usually have a sort of problem with the most common languages, such as Spanish, French, and even English, too. Taking the programme abroad may help them out with those issues.


Impact on the abroad business course

In terms of the impact going to another country due to business, the majority students claimed that it is kind of difficult to have a part-time job during their studies. Organisers keep them busy all the time and making money is certainly not as easy as it might seem. Students are mainly keen on having long shifts, for instance seven or eight hours three times in a week but it is practically impossible.



Based on these findings, it is clear that this opportunity may bring you many benefits regarding the improvement of the language skills but you should count on not taking the long shifts at work. I felt it would be in student‘s best interests to take the short for making at least a little of money but keep in your mind that you certainly will not make much money there.

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