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Otázka: Fashion

Jazyk: Angličtina




It’s known that “the clothing makes the man,” but taking everything into consideration, it’s better to say that “the clothing makes a first impression”. When someone sees or meets you for the 1st time, they will have an idea about you and it will be hard to change. That’s why fashion is too much important for our society.

Fashion is also way to express yourself. A lot of people, mainly teenagers, put on extravagant clothes to show who they are and to be in the centre of attention. They started wearing these clothes and over time they created special styles of fashion – gothic, scene, emo, etc.

On the other hand, many people prefer putting on casual clothes. There is a wide range of shops where you can buy them. If someone wants to buy tank tops, t-shirts, denim jeans, trousers or sweatshirts, shops such as Marks & Spencer or H&M waits for them.

People who wear smart clothes usually prefer shopping in luxury fashion stores and buying expensive clothing from the most famous fashion designers. For these people there are boutiques where the clothes with brands are sold – Guess, Burberry, Hermes or Dolce & Gabanna.

Clothes from the fashion designers are usually presented in the fashion shows in big cities, especially in Paris or Milan. Skinny models are wearing the clothes and showing them in the runway while many photographs are taking photos of them to share the photos in the fashion magazines.

Fashion magazines are very favourite. A lot of women find there inspiration of clothing and the newest fashion trends. But on the other hand, young girls who see skinny models in every photograph in the magazine are often negative affected. Many surveys show that skinny models induce anorexia and eating disorders.

Speaking personally, I don’t understand why some girls are affected by fashion magazines. I’m not and I have never been. I think it’s stupid to stop eating to look as a supermodel. Talking about fashion trends, I read fashion magazines but I’m usually not inspired by the clothes which models are wearing. I prefer casual clothes and it doesn’t matter where I bought them. Clothes ought to be comfortable and beautiful, the brand isn’t important. I have my own style of fashion and I like it very much.

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