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Otázka: Food and cooking

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): verca321



I prefer eating at home, because I cook myself and I cook what I like. I usually cook chicken soup, spaghetti with tomato sauce, pork with potatoes. I something go to the restaurant with my parents for the family lunch or dinner.

I usually eat healthy food, because we get vitamins from that. In summer it is easier, because we have a lot of fresh vegetable and fruit. I like tomatoes, carrots, watermelon, apple, bananas and pears. We have a big garden, where we grow potatoes, carrots and strawberries.

At Christmas we had fist soup and fried fish with potatoes salad. We drank champagne, mineral water and egg flip. After diner we had Christmas cookies some of them were with chocolate, nuts and coconut. I like best with nuts. And we had open sandwiches with ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber and with smoked salmon.

People in the Czech Republic like pork, dumplings with sauce: tomato, pepper and cream sauces. People also eat sausages with bread and cucumber. In the Czech Republic soups are favourite meals: chicken, vegetable and garlic soup. Typical Czech meals are pork and cabbage with dumplings and sirloin and cream sauce with dumplings and typical drink is beer.

I learned cooking at home with my grandmother. Because it is a good think to know how to cook various meals. In restaurant meals are expensive, so it is cheaper to cook at home.

If I were in a foreign country I would try their cuisine, because I like eating new food. When I was in Italy I had their pasta and pizza.

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