Going out to eat – maturitní otázka



Otázka: Going out to eat

Jazyk: Angličtina pro hotelové školy

Přidal(a): Kristýna Koutníková


Describe the catering establishments

People who eat out have a wide variety of possibilities from a quick meal to a luxurious meal with elaborate service.


Restaurants generally fit into the following categories:

  • The gourmet restaurant, which is the most expensive and luxurious with the highest quality meals and service.
  • The family restaurant serves simple food at moderate prices. Some of the restaurants are owned by chains or operated under a franchise.
  • The specialty restaurant offers a limited variety or style of food. It may specialize in e.g. pizzas or ethnic food (Chinese, Indian etc.)
  • The convenience restaurant serves customers who want to eat in a hurry and are interested in fast service and low price.


Another type of foodservices, are the restaurants and cafeterias in factories, offices, schools and hospitals. There are four types of service:

  • table service
  • counter service
  • self-service (cafeteria)
  • carry out

Many people buy a takeaway meal and eat it at home.


Tasting Czech beer and wine

There are many famous restaurants and pubs in Prague where the Czech beer is on a top. I can recommend ………. ….. There are also many wine cellars with wines from Southern Moravia. I can recommend …………………


Going for a coffee

Going out for a cup of coffee is very popular. There are lot of coffee houses where you can order various kinds of coffee specialities, desserts and small snacks. Tea houses are also very popular.


Going for a drink and dancing

If we want to go out in the evenings we can have a drink at a bar. We can sit and dance at a dancing club or a night club. For a glass of beer we go to a pub. Wine bars specialize in quality wines.


Fast food

Fast foods are those which can be prepared, served and eaten quickly. There are some famous fast foods known all over the world e.g. Kentucky Fried Chicken, Mac Donald´s, Subway, Burger King etc. The fast food restaurant looks just the same in all the cities.

Normally the fast food restaurants serve only a few kinds of food. The food is prepared in advance. The most typical fast foods are burgers – hamburger, cheeseburger, fish burger. The kitchen is usually directly behind the counter and you pay when you get your food.

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