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Otázka: The Internet in my life

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Markét



The Internet in my life

  • The Internet in the past and in the future
    The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks
    Advantage – the Internet is decentralized, so there is not any unit that after attack destroys whole Internet – destroyed will be only the one part
    The predecessor of the Internet was the Arpanet – invented in America (1969)
    Later another computers connected and the Internet was here
    First computer connected to the Internet in the CR was in 1991 at Czech Technical University in Prague
    In 1995, less than 1% people had connection to the Internet, today it’s about 40% (in the world)
    Now more than 3 billion users have the Internet
    How will it be in the future? I guess it will increase more and more
    People will use the Internet for everything – shopping, work, talking, sports, …
    A dystopic vision: People won’t go outside at all, just sitting at computers/mobile phones. When they (accidentally) meet another people in person, they will be anxious and unable to talk face to face.


How it influences my life

  • e-mails, social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
  • shopping online – advantage: they send it to your house, you do everything at home
    • disadvantage: you don’t try the goods before you buy it
  • communication – with friends who live abroad or far from my hometown and I don’t see them often
  • new friends – on the social networks (in groups with people with same interests)
  • makes life easier – I can find almost any information online


Dark side of the Internet

  • people go less outside, rather write on chat than meet friends in person
  • man can be addicted to the Internet
  • cyberbullying, stalking – especially kids/teenagers
  • too many information – problem to choose the right one, not everything written online is correct
  • problem with kids – they can find inappropriate websites (aggressive games, erotic websites)
  • privacy problem, not enough data protection – personal data can be abused


Social networks

  • Facebook
    • Created by Mark Zuckerberg (2004)
    • Chat, groups, fan pages
    • Uploading photos, sharing videos, files, writing statuses
    • For young people – 13-30
    • Possibility to find friends with the same interests
  • Twitter
    • Following your friends/favourite celebrities, reading about their lives
    • Reading news
  • Google+
    • Similar to Facebook
    • Chat, video hangouts, sharing photos and videos
    • Writing statuses
  • Instagram
    • Sharing photos
  • Other social networks: Myspace, LinkedIn, Tumblr,

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