Is it risky to buy clothes online? – argumentative essay

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 Otázka: Is it risky to buy clothes online?

 Jazyk: Angličtina – argumentative essay

 Přidal(a): Anna Gregušová




Is it risky to buy clothes online?

Buying clothes online is very common these days. There are many online shops where you can buy clothes but there are also certain risks when you shop online.

If you shop online you never know for sure anything. For example, the size you have selected may be different from the one you need or the clothes in the picture may not look the same as in real life. There is no chance to try it on so the clothes may not fit you as you would expect. Also nobody can guarantee that your order will arrive on time. Often there is a delay of three weeks or sometimes it may not arrive at all!

On the other hand there are few ways how to make it more reliable. If you buy something online there is sometimes an opportunity to pay for your order only when it arrives. Therefore, if it is not as you expected you can reject the order. Every online shop has a feedback page where you can check whether other shoppers were satisfied or not. This can be very useful when you are deciding whether to get i tor not.

To conclude, if you buy clothes online you have to take into account delays or the fact that you may receive a different size. However, there are ways how to reduce these risks down to a minimum.

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