Jane Eyre – Charlotte Brontë – maturitní otázka


Otázka: Jane Eyre – Charlotte Brontë

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): ŠtěK



As a small girl Jane lost her parrents so she had to live with her aunt Mrs Reed and with her cousins.
Cousins did the worst things, they were very cruel at Jane.

After a stange events Mrs Reed decided to send her away – to the Lowood School. There was not good surroudings – it was dark and cold there and there were not enought food and clothes. However she survived there. She was on this school a few years as a student and than as a teacher.
When she was 18, she began to work for rich Mr Rochester. She fell in love with him. They wanted to get married. However during the weding ceremony some man came to the church and said that Mr Rochester already has wife.

And it was true. Jane ran from Thornfield away without money.
By pure chance she found her´s relatives. But she was missing  Mr Rochester. She went to visit him in Thornfield, but residency was burned off. In vilige they told her that Berta(Mr Rochester´s wife) is dead and Mr Rochester lives in his second house in Ferdean. She find him.  After three days they got married.



Nearby – sousední, nedaleký
Remain –zůstat, setrvat
Perhaps – možná, snad
Clergymen –duchovní
Field – pole, hřiště
Stranger – cizinec
Attic – podkroví
Tear – plakat
Lawyer – právník
seem – zdát se
silent – zamlklý, tichý


I think it was very nice book. We have already lernt about it in Czech so reading in english was easier. Irealy like this book because the story is romantic and it ends happy.

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