Jihlava – Vysočina – Our town, our region


Otázka: Jihlava – Vysočina

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Sara




1. Vysočina region border: Moravia, Bohemia, … hilly, woods, forests, fields, meadows-farmers-potatoes, rye(žito),oats

Water system: ponds, streams, rivers

Symbol: hedgehog


2. Population: 50 000 people

In the centre, in the large housing estates

Big residential quartiers(velké obytné domy)-detache, semidetache houses



3. Mayor of the town

City transport – buses, taxis, trolleybusses(electrycity), … ticket, controls, black passengers


4. History of Jihlava:

The hamlet of Jihlava grew up on the river of Jihlava.

13th century-silver was dicovered here, Jihlava become a royal mining town

Wooden, dwellings, houses

Fortress (pevnost)- protect Jihlava from enemies and robbers

Prosperity-didn´t for long time

Jihlava- Kutná hora … silver

  • had to find something else .. cloth making, trade (obchod) – trateroad

Husits movement- was against them

30 years war-Jihlava destroyed and occupated by Swiss (Švýcaři)

Swiss and German came … Jihlava become German city


5. Historic side:

Was sorronded by town walls with 5 gates (today 1 remade- called Matky Boží)

Lot of churches –

  • Church of St. Jacob (Jakubův) famous bell Zuzana
  • Church of St. Ignacius (Sv. Ignáce – na náměstí)
  • Church of St. Cross (kříže)


Square: 1 of biggest

  • Undergrond corridor=catacomby
  • There used to be cellars (sklepy)
  • 2 fountains – upper (morový sloup) … Plaque Columne



Industrial town…machinery(strojírenství), used to be textile industry(Modeta)

Big factory … Bosch, Automotive Lighting, Kronospan(polluted our air)

Food industry

  • … Kostelec (sausages, ham)
  • …bakery – Větrný Jeníkov, Kamenice
  • …classworks – Světlá nad Sázavou

Brewerry(pivovar)-beer with trate mark Ježek

Zoo Jihlava- after reconstruction, problém with pinguins



Čeřínek- ski, a slope, walking

Hill Šacberk, Nové Město

Castles(Telč, Roštejn)

Roštejn   ……………………Telč

Ruins, ruins of castle, chateau

Perštejn- castle -Mrs. White women



Zelená hora…. Close Žďár(nad Žďárem),UNESCO, church on hill

Polná – the biggest baroque organ(varhany)

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