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Otázka: Jobs and professions

Jazyk: Angličtina

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1)       Jobs and professions

–          Why do people work? They work for fun, for money or they have to spend somehow their time.

–          Manual jobs – It´s job for men generally. It´s physical work like bricklayer, carpenter..

–          Professional people

  • How are theses people important in our lives? We need them
  • What do they do? Where do they work? In surgery or major in offices…
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of their jobs A- They have fixed working hours. – more money – They don´t do physical work. D – They have longer working hours. – They have to be intelligent and take new training courses. – They still sit in their office and they have less motion than labourer.
  • How did their working hours differ? They have fixed working hours, therefore they can plan their day. Labourers work shifts. One day they have 10-hour shift at the night and next they they have 6-hour shift in the afternoon.


2)       Work: duties, pay and condition

–          Working hours – How do they differ in each profession? Shifts, fixed working hours, flexi-time – you can work whenever you want, you can get up at nine or ten and you can plan your day how you want.

–          Pay and conditions (kinds and differences) –salary, wage, income. Salary you get money for each month on the other hand manual workers get money for each hour they did.


3)       Getting a job

–          CV (What should you mention there?) Personal details, education, trainings, qualifications, key skills and achievements, pc skills, work experience, your health, interest and hobbies

–          Cover letter (Three parts of CL) In this letter you say, you should convince your future employer that you are the best for this position. (1.paragraph – How did you find out about this job and why you are writing?, 2. Ph – Why you want this position, and why they should employ you. 3. Ph – show your interest, how much you want this job and when you can start

–          Where can you look for a job? Newspapers, magazines, from your friends, job centres, internet

–          How should we behave at an interview? Speak slowly, sit up straight, we should be confident, look the interviewer in the eye, arrive on time,

–          Kinds of questions you can expect / ask at the interview – What I will be required to do? Why do you think that you are the best for this position? What about prospects to promotion in future? What about working hours?


4)       Your future job

–          Which aspects of your job are important for you? Why?

(long holidays, close to home, opportunity to travel abroad, a good salary,

opportunity to use English or another language, nice colleagues, interesting and

challenging work, others)

–          What kind of occupation do you want to do? I would like to become international businessman

  • How many of your aspects does it cover? I will have opportunity to use English and another languages, I will meet a lot of people interesting people, because I will travel a lot.
  • What kind of personality do you need for it? Friendly, flexible, intelligent, good informed (great overview), know monetary system
  • What kind of education and training is required for it? Definitely the highest education, for example University of Economics, language courses.
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of this job? A – You travel a lot, you meet a lot of new people and cultures. You have a good salary. You use your language skills in reality. D – You aren´t often at home. It´s difficult to be good in it (a lot of people want this job). Long working hours.


5)       What work opportunities have you had?

–          Do you have a part-time job during the school year? No, I don´t.

–          Do you prefer summer holiday job or free time? It depends on the kind of job.

–          What sort of summer work have you had? Nothing, but I am planning to go to England as an au-pair this summer.

–          How has this work made you think about your future job? I haven´t any job.


6)       Male and Female jobs

–          Do you think men and women are better at different jobs, or equally good at all jobs?  Give reasons

Statistic says yes. Woman haven´t so big muscles as a men, so They can´t be bricklayer or carpenter… And midwifes are mostly woman I even can´t imagine that man will be midwife.

–          Would you mind doing a job that is traditionally carried out by people of the opposite sex? Why / Why not? I won´t be happy I will feel strange in the work, where will be only men.


7)       Other possible questions

–          What are the advantages and disadvantages of going to work abroad? Would you like to do it? Why / Why not?

–          Advantages – practise foreign languages, more money, new people and experience, sightseeing, more job opportunities, good for your CV.

–          Disadvantages – you can´t see your family and friends, you need visa, expensive accommodation, communicating problems, you can get lost

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