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Otázka: My school – grammar school

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Kristen Hejha




  • I attend grammar school in Rychnov nad Kněžnou.



  • My school is situated 5 minute walk from the square. It is one of the oldest grammar schools in the Královehradecky Region.



  • Grammar school prepare students for university. It is state school, it is free charge. It offers general secondary education. Grammar school has two educational programmes- 4 year or 8 year.
  • I attend 4 year educational programme. It means I study only 4 year.



  • I is huge building. It has 3 floors. In the basement there are changing rooms and lockers, on the ground floor we can find classrooms, teachers´ offices a computer room and a gym (and fitness room).
  • On the first floor there are other classrooms, headmaster´s office, a school office, a deputy´s office, a staff room, library, school cafeteria, science laboratories. On the second floor there are other classrooms, next to the school there is a playground
  • In the corridors we can see many notice-boards with interesting information, pictures and maps
  • Most classrooms are light, spacious and have modern equipment



  • I choose Monday, because for me it is horrible day.
  • So, we start our lessons at 5 minutes to 8. Each lasts forty-five minutes and there is five-minute break in between. After the second lesson there is a twenty-minute break for a snack. During breaks we usually just have time to move from one classroom to another and prepare our things for following lesson.
  • In the morning i have six lessons and after that I have 45-minute break to lunch. After I have afternoon lessons.



  • -the teacher examines
  • -teacher explain the new topic
  • -we practise
  • -we do project and presentation
  • -watch videos
  • -learn skills
  • -take notes
  • -do speeches



  • I think that my school is very good equipped, but you now that in some classrooms there are old and badly equipped boards. But every classroom have interactive white boards with computers.



  • It is the biggest school event.
  • We chose topic HOLLYWOOD.
  • It is formal party for students and their parents in the last year.  Students celebrate leaving the school. So we started with the opening ceremonial dance. Girls wore short black dress and boys wore social trousers and shirt with suspenders. After we had to dress up to graduation drees. After that student got sashes and roses from class teacher. At 10 o´clock we prepared for visitors Oscar Ceremony. Some teachers were awarded for the best teaching style. We also had midnight surprise. It was i Hollywood style, it was television programme. I think that it was really funny. After midnight students had their afterparty.

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