My specialization – maturitní otázka



Otázka: My specialization

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): katyburg



I´ve been studying at this school for four years. There are 2 branches of study first is preschool and afterschool pedagogy and the second branch Pedagogical Lyceum.

Our school offers study program and projects. For example entirely on vocational preparation. The school educational programme provides choosing specialization in few subjects from the 2nd/3rd year. The school offers a wide range of special subjects.

It provides good education in arts, music, drama and physical education. Students who want to get involved, they can do some school projects and events. We can choose between specializations like Drama, music, arts and physical education specializations. I decided to choose P.E. specialization. Because I have a relationship with sports from young age. On the pedagogical Lyceum, there we can choose humanity studies also. PMP has in 3rd grade 2 hour lesson blocks once a week. In 4th grade we have 3 lesson blocks once a week. On the other hand PDL has two lesson blocs twice a week from second to 4th grade.

My specialization classroom where we go to exercise is the sports hall. Here we can find balls, gymnastic equipment, etc. The sports hall is spacious, with big spotlights and with many windows. We usually go to the classroom with tables desks when we have lessons for example history of sports and how to get fit. In the classroom there is a blackboard, a projector and tables and chairs. I think the classrooms are well equipped. And in the summer we use the playground, where we play games and mostly do athletic disciplines.

When we have P.E. apart from athletic we also learn modern gymnastics and sport gymnastics, apparatus work and sessions on music. For games we like to play handball, basketball, football, floorball, footsal and so on. We yet haven’t got a chance to organise a school sports day or anything else. There also are compulsory courses in first year it’s a swimming event, second year a ski trip, and in third year tourist tour.

I think that the sports specialization is fun and I like the teacher but I think we should go to some sports events too like tennis matches or go ice skating or play more sports. I don’t want to go to university with this specialization, because it would be fulfilling to me.

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