My Town – Vyškov – maturitní otázka z angličtiny


Otázka: My Town – Vyškov

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Michaela.S



My topic is My Town Vyškov. First of all I will talk about Cultural and sports facilities. I will tell you the most popular attractions in our time. I will mention Zoo park, Dinopark and many  sports which you can practise in Vyškov. Then I will talk about the most famous people and the falk traditions. Finally I will mentin schools and sights in Vyškov.

Vyškov is a small and quiet town.  It is the South Moravian town situated about 35 km from Brno. It lies on the river Haná and has a population of about 23 000. For centuries it has been the cultural, social and economic centre of the region. Today i tis a modern European town where everybody can have a good time. The town has a rich history. The first written record about Vyškov dates back to the 12th century. It appears in a document by Jindřich Zdík, the bishop of Olomouc.


Cultural and sports facilities

There are a lot of cultural and sports facilities available for both citizens and visitors of Vyškov. Besední House is a traditional centre of cultural life where concerts and theatre performances are held. In winter many balls take place there.

Very popular is also the zoo park. You can find there a lot of animal species from various parts of the world. Very popular are tortoises (želvy), ostrichs (pštrosi), monkeys, horses, rabbits, cats and camels. Children also enjoy „Grandma´s Farmyard“ where visitors come in direct contact with farm animals. For example sheeps, goats, hens and gooses.

The most popular atraction in Vyškov is the Dinopark. There are a lot of models of dinosaurs and reptiles (plaz). Children love a 3D cinema which shows the evolution of life on Earth. When you want to go the the Dinopark, you should use a special transport called „DinoTrain“. During the journey you listen an interesting story about dinosaurs and their life.

In Vyškov we have also aquapark. It is both an indoor and outdoor complex with pools, two toboggans- yellow and red, a sauna and a whirlpool bath. During the year a lot of pupils go there and they take part swimming course.  In winter you can go out where is a small heated swimming pool. You can watch snow- covered countryside and and swim and relax in heated water at the same time.

In our town there is a squash centre where you can play a lot of kind of sports. People play squash, badminton, blowling  as well as they do aerobics, pilates and they go spinning.  If you are interested in sports, you can also visit a nice rink where everyone can skate. But if you prefer summer sports there is also a stadium where people train athletics. Very popular is also cycling. Surrounding countryside is really beautiful and many people go on a bike trip. Most people visit Rakovecké údolí. In spring you can find there a lot of snowflakes (bledule). You can also visit Macocha which is very famous chasm /kazm/.

Some famous people were born in Vyškov. Such as Alois Musil who was a traveller, Jan Šoupal- a very successfal musician, Karel Kachyně- a director and a screenwriter and Antonín Tučapský- a great musician and composer.

Folk traditions are still alive in Vyškov and folk costumes can be seen outside the museum- the local folk groups- Klebetníček and Trnka which still maintain folk traditions and their performances enjoy great interest from the public.

In our time there are many kindergartens, elementary, secondary and apprentice schools. Each of secondary schools is focused on different field of study. You can study economics, tourist industry and management. Some students attend a grammar school where they prepare for their academic studies. The Art and Music School, Karel Dvořáček Library and the Children and Youth´s House rank among important educational institutions.

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