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Otázka: Nature and weather

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): prominka



Nature and weather

The Czech Republic has a moderate climate. A year is divided into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each season lasts about three months.

Spring begins on the 21st March. First flowers appear. We can see snowdrops, snowflakes, marigolds, dandelions, daffodils, blue forget-me-nots, crocuses, tulips, catkins, violets and chestnuts. We can hear cuckoos calling, swallows and starlings again. Nature is turning green and the thaw sets in. Unfortunately, the weather is very changeable, sometimes it rains and time by time we can see that a sun is shining. Of course, there are many sleets and after that rainbows. The best you can do is to take umbrella with you. People usually spend their time on spring holiday, probably in the mountains, because there is a lot of snow. Young people are starting to prepare for their maturity exam. When you decide to go out, you’ll definitely see a mud and slush everywhere.


Summer begins on the 21st June. The weather is warmer and sometimes even sultry. All of a sudden the sky clouds over and the storm is about to break. We can see a flash of lightning and hear a crash of a thunder. We can feel a breeze and fresh rain. Hardly ever a windstorm or hailing appear. Many berries are about to be harvested. For example: strawberries, bilberries, raspberries, cranberries, blackberries etc. The temperature rises up to 25˚C. Bright sky, no clouds just sun. Children have two months holiday. So, many people go swimming or skating on roller skates. People are going to foreign countries to spend their days off. Most of the Czechs travel to Croatia.


Autumn begins on the 23rd September. Children go to school again. We usually gather apples, pears and plumbs. Many people make alcohol from these fruit. Everything is tinted yellow, orange and brown. Then trees shed their leaves. Birds flock together and set out on the journey to the south. The sky is often overcast and days are dull sometimes chilly. It rains on and off. We usually spend our time by cleaning up leaves or going for walks. People are annoyed and fed up with this weather.


Winter begins on the 21st December. The weather is much colder and it snows. There may be hoarfrost and roads become slippery. When the wind piles up snowdrifts the snow ploughs must be used to clear the snow. Snowflakes are slowly falling down and icicles hang from the roof. The temperature is below zero. Sometimes homeless people freeze to death. Children are sliding, sledging, building snowmen and throwing snowballs. People go skiing or ice-skating.


I’m going to describe a place of spectacular beauty. It is autumn and leaves are still on trees just a few of them fell down. Lake is surrounded by forest. There are spruces and pines. Nearby there is mountain range with peak covered by snow.  If you go down the forest you’ll see karst cave and also a spring. If you stay still, you might see a deer.

People usually plant fruit trees such as apple tree, pear tree and cherry tree. We can also find in their gardens some bushes like currants, gooseberries, raspberries etc. Gardeners must do a lot of duties for example: digging, weeding or hoeing of course, planting and fertilizing. They plant vegetables concluding beans, carrot, celery, leek, onion, lettuce or tomato. I have almost forgotten about herbs such as dill, chives, marjoram and parsley.

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