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  Otázka: Overview of the USA

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  Přidal(a): Adam



I would like to talk about USA. First I’ll be talking about basic facts, next will be some information about 4 regions then I’d like to talk about some places of interest and in the end about some traditions, events.


Basic geographic facts

  • United States of America are placed on continent North America. East coast washes Atlantic Ocean and west coast Pacific Ocean. The terrain in the west is mountainous. There is Cordillera mountains where we can find the highest point of the US – Denali with more than 6000 metres. Some famous rivers are Colorado or Mississippi. There are 50 states (every state has his own star on the flag). The capital is Washington D.C. Current president is Donald Trump but in the end of January 2021 Joe Biden will takes office.


4 regions

  • California is state on the south-west of the USA. It is the 3rd biggest state in USA. California is the largest centre of the computer industry in the world (Silicon Valley) and also produces the most films in the world (Los Angeles – Hollywood). Lives there more than 37 000 000 people – most in the USA.
  • Texas is on the south of the USA. It is a second biggest state. In this state, people love American football. There are also very low taxes. In Texas there is town Houston, where spaceships flights has been controlled.
  • Florida is a state on south-east. There are lots of attractive towns for tourists like Miami.  We can also locate here Kennedy Space Centre. Many spaceships started from this place. In summer there is lots of hurricanes which are sometimes really strong.
  • Tennessee is one of the central states. Nashville is the town of music. There are lots of music festivals in the year. From Tennessee is alcoholic drink whisky.


Cities, places of interest

  • New York is the most populated city in the US. His nickname is also The City That Never Sleeps. There are lots of tourists and lots of places to look at. For example Statue of Liberty, Empire state building or Central Park. New York is also world metropolis of TV, radio or newspapers and together with London and Tokyo the main centre of the global economy.
  • Los Angeles is a city of films, especially part called Hollywood. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people visit LA.
  • Big tourist attraction is also Grand Canyon in Arizona. Every year more than 5 millions people visit it. It’s very interesting place.
  • One of the best places to visit is Yellowstone national park in Wyoming. There are lakes, rivers or mountains where lives even some endangered species. Awesome are geysers. But there is also Yellowstone caldera, which is super volcano.


Traditions, events and food.

  • In USA, they have some very important days for them. For example Independence Day (4th July). Every year, they have fireworks and listen anthem. They celebrate their independence on Great Britain.
  • Next important day is thanksgiving. Family will meet and they eat turkey.
  • In Christmas in USA, presents are given out by Santa Claus, who descends through the chimney in night and children unpack their parents next day.
  • American food isn’t unknown to Czech people. Traditional American food is Hot Dog, Hamburger, Pizza or Donut. I like US kitchen. I have eaten hot dog or pizza many times and I like them.
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