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Otázka: Replacing teachers with robots

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Kateřina Pokorná



Paragraph 1: introduction

The aim of this report is to give the pros and cons of replacing teachers with robots, to give my honest opinion on this subject and make a recommendation to the head teacher of the school.


Paragraph 2: advantages

Firstly, I would like to present some convincing arguments in favour of replacing teachers with robots.

  • Robots have a greater memory capacity than human teachers and would know more information on certain subjects.
  • Robots are attractive to students, therefore the school could gain more students and popularity.
  • Schools could easily replace robots with other robots.


Paragraph 3: disadvantages

Nobody could deny that this idea would also have a lot of drawbacks.

  • Human teachers would lose their jobs.
  • The maintenance of robots could be expensive.
  • They could be easily damadged by students.


Paragraph 4: conclusion

Even thought, the idea of having robots at school might look attractive to students, I believe on balance that the realization of this would be catastrophic. If we examine this subject more intimately we find that the cons are too great to ignore. I recommend that the school reject this idea and keep human teachers working at the school.


Number of words: 189

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