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Otázka: Serving the guests

Jazyk: Angličtina pro hotelové školy

Přidal(a): Kristýna Koutníková



Explain how to serve the guests at a restaurant.

When the guests arrive

  • At the restaurant I have to welcome and greet them in a polite way: Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. I ask: Do you have a reservation? If yes, I ask: And your name, sir/ madam? or Could I have your name, please? If the guests haven´t got a reservation and there is no place we excuse: I´m sorry. We are fully booked tonight.
  • I can offer a help: Can I / Shall I take your coats? Come this way. Follow me. Here is your table by the window. or I´ll show you to your table. I can ask about seating preferences: Would you prefer to sit indoors or outdoors. I can suggest a place: May I suggest the terrace?


Taking the order

  • After seating the guest I bring the menu: Here is the menu. I can ask: Would you like an aperitif? What would you like to drink? Would you like to order a drink? Would you like to see the wine list?
  • After a while I take the order: Are you ready to order? And to follow? And for you sir / madam? What would you like to start with? What would you like as a starter? And what would you like as a main course? Would you like a side dish to go with?
  • Sometimes I have to help the guests with their choice: I can recommend ………… is excellent. Try ……………, they are refreshing and light. If you feel like something different you should try  …………… is the specialty of house ………… …… is very good and popular. I have to ask: How would you like e.g. your steak – rare, medium or well done? I have to be able to explain the dishes: …………. is made of ………… It´s a kind of ………………. It´s served as  ……….. It consists of ……………. It contains ……….. …….., It´s made from ……………



Bringing the dishes

  • Your steak madam. Here you are sir.
  • After the guests have finished their main courses, I deal with orders for desserts and coffee. I come and ask: Would you like a dessert? Would you like to see the dessert menu? Can I take your order for dessert? Can I get you a coffee or a liqueur? I can recommend: How about the fresh fruit salad or some ice cream? Or If you prefer …………, try ……………  If you´d like something very Czech, I suggest …………..  I have to explain: e.g. It´s a light cake with chocolate. The strudel is served hot with ice cream.
  • I serve the guests: So that´s an espresso and a cappuccino.
  • During the service I can ask: Is everything all right, sir? I always say: Certainly madam / sir. I have to deal with guests´ requests: I´ll get some right away. I´ll bring one immediately. I´ll be right with you. I´ll be right back.
  • At the end I ask: Was everything all right? How was your meal? Did you enjoy your meal? Was everything to your satisfaction?



  • When the guests ask for the bill I have to deal with the payment: How would you like to pay? How will you be paying, sir? In cash or by credit card? We accept all types of credit cards. You can pay by cheque too. Here is you bill. Your signature, please. Here is your receipt. When the guests ask we have to say: The service is / isn´t included. The VAT/ tax is included in the total. At the hotel I ask: Shall I charge this to your room? May I have your key card, please?
  • I thank the guests: Thank you very much.


At the end

  • I ask: Could I get your coats? Here they are. Let me help you madam. And I have to say good bye to the guests: Do come back again. We hope to see you again. Good bye. We look forward to seeing you again.


Unusual problems

  • Sometimes I have to deal with the guests ´complaints. I ask about the problem: What is the problem? I have to excuse: I´m very sorry. Oh, I´m terribly sorry for that. I´m sorry about the service this evening but we are very busy. Please accept my apologies. I do apologise, sir. I´ll ask the chef to heat it up for you. I´ll get/ bring you a new one. I´ll change it for you.  Can I get you something else? I´ll see what I can do.
  • When the guests have to wait a while we can offer: Could we offer you a coffee on the house?
  • When the bill is not correct: Excuse me, sir, I´ll go and check. Here is the correct bill, sir.
  • Sometimes the guests want to speak to the manager: I´ll ask the manager to come.
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