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Otázka: Shopping, clothes, fashion

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Dandushkaaa



Shopping, clothes, fashion

  • Kinds of shops and their goods, small shops x shopping centers, kinds of clothes and its description(material,style,…), my attitude(postoj) to fashion



  • Shopping is activity,which is very important for our lives. We spend a lot of  money for new things and necessary(potřebné) items like food and clothes.


Types of shops:

  • Shopping centre- there are lots of shops in one hall, in one building, most of them are clothes shops and boutiques, some shops with jewellery, accessories(doplňky) and cosmetics, but you can find stalls with fast food and cafés,children’s court(I think a corner) and sometimes also a cinema.
  • Supermarket– in this shop you can buy mainly food, some clothes or some tools(nářadí). It is more comfortable when you use shopping trolley or basket. You pay it on the cash desk.
  • Market– you can buy under open air, especially for vegetable and fruit
  • Second hand shop- is better for lower social classes, because the goods like clothes or book are much cheaper and sometimes you find something in good conditions so you don’t spend a lot of money for new clothes,books
  • Internet– very comfortable,you just need bank account and internet connection, but you don’t have assurance(jistotu) if you get your delivery, the biggest shopping website is Ebay
  • Highlyspecialized shops are shops with wide selections of goods


1. Newsagents- you can buy there newspaper, magazine

2. Bakery- you can buy there bread,rolls, cake

3. Butchers- salami, sausages,meat,ham

4. Clothes store- T-shirt, skirt, jeans, trousers,shirt,lingerie(spodní prádlo)

5. Electronics- mobile phones, cameras,TV’s, radios, fridges, freezers, accessories

6. Chemists- medicine, cosmetics,shampoo

7. Pet shop- pet food, toys,cages

8. Bookshop- Books, CD’s

9. Greengrocery- vegetable,fruit

10. Jewellery-necklace,bracelet,rings, earrings

11. DIY shop- tools for household chores

12. Florist’s- flower, plants

13. Stationer’s- pencil, notebook, brithday card


Shopping centers  x  Small shops

Shopping centers– it’s more comfortable, you are in one building, you don’t have to travel through whole town. There is a big choice there. There is a lot of space, but sometimes there could be a big amount of people. There could be some problems with services. If there is a lot of  people, you can’t find a staff, you can get lost- it is dangerous for children’s. The prizes are higher

Small shops– there is not everything in one shop, you have to go to more shops, you have to queue in every shops, there is less choice, it’s cheaper, it’s not crowded



Clothes can be divided into two categories:

  • Formal clothes– we use it for special social events.For example- when we go to the theatre, when we have a most important exam for us like a Maturita exam, when somebody works as an officer or lawyer. Woman usually wear- dress, or skirt with white shirt and high heels.Man usually wear- suit, tie, shirt and formal leather(kožené) shoes
  • Casual clothes– we use for our daily live. We need this type of clothes when we go to the city, to the schools or when we go to do some sport. For sports we need more comfortable clothes like a sweatshirt, a tracksuir, T-shirt,trainers. To the city we need something that is modern and trendy like jeans, T-shirt, jacket, blouse, pumps, some trainers.


We make our clothes from different materials. It means from cotton, wool, linen(lnu), silk(hedvábí), velvet(samet),washable(omyvatelné), non-iron, crease-resistant(nemačkavé) and shrink-resistant(nesmršťovací). Many things are made from cotton. Some sweaters may be made from wool which comes from sheep. Some jacket, belts and shoes are made from leather which comes from cows. Polyester, a man-made fabric(umělá tkanina), is also used a lot in making clothing. Silk, which is very soft material, is popular for pyjams,robes and underwear.

Patterns for clothing:  plain(prostý), printed(tištěný), embroidered(vyšívaný), checked(čtverečkovaný), flowered, spotted(dotted), striped(streaked)



-I think fashion is part of everyone’s life. Each of us has a different attitude to fashion. Somebody follows every new trend and must be always fashionable and somebody has his own style. Somebody also has to have only brand-name clothes. Also every groups of people has its own style. -For example people who listen to the hard music such as rock, punk or metal usually wear black clothes and dark make-up.Sometimes they wear T-shirt with with logo of their favourite band and they especially wear black combat boots.

-On the other hand who listen for exapmle hip-hop or rap have different clothing habits.They wear everything big.The wear big jeans, big T-shirt, and hiphop caps and big gold chains(řetězy) on their neck.

And this is not all.

Other styles- elegant style, sport style, romantic style, skate style, tomboy style, sexy style,goth style, rocker style, sophisticated style, western style, tradittional style, glamorous(okouzlující) style, flamboyant(okázalý) style, exotic style, classic style, chic style, bohemian style

There are lot of different styles of clothing and each of them shows our personality, mood and interests(zájmy)


My attitude to fashion

  • It is very different, I don’t have a favourite styles, I just buy what I like or I buy what attracts(zaujme) me at first sight.I like to wear jeans,some T-shirt and sweatshirt.
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