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Otázka: Sports and games

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Sports and games

I would like to tell you something about doing sports and games.

Its one of the most popular leisure activities.


Reasons for doing sports and games

Its a lot of reasons why people doing sports.

One of reasons is that they doing this for their health.

Some people doing this only for fun. Its relax for them.

Some people doing sports because its their job. These people like sports really lot.

Sport keep us fit.


Kind of sports

Sport activities can be divided into:

INDOORfor example: gymnastics, swimming, basketball, table tennis, badminton, boxing, wrestling and so on.

OUTDOORfor example: golf, skiing, snowboarding, cycling, diving, jogging, fishing, windsurfing and so on.

Athletics includes these sport activities: marathon, long distance run /beh na dlhú trať/, jumping /skok/, throwing a hammer or a discus /hod kladivom alebo diskom/ and so on.

Some sports and games can be played both indoors and outdoors. For example: football, tennis, swimming, speed skating, figure skating, roller-skating and so on.

WINTER SPORTS:They can be played only in winter. For example: skiing, snowboarding, ice-hockey, bobsleighing (bobovaní) and so on.

SUMMER SPORTS:football, tennis, cycling, golf and so on

INDIVIDUAL SPORTS: cycling, swimming, skating, skiing, snowboarding, shooting (střelba), bodybuilding, weight lifting and so on.

COLLECTIVE SPORTS:ice- hockey, rugby, tennis, water polo, fencing  (šermování)
The most popular collective sports are BALL GAMES – for example football, basketball, volleyball, water polo


National sport

In my opinion the national sport is ice hockey,

We have handy (šikovný) team.

They won six gold medals, one silver and five bronze medals at World Championship.


Sport events

The first Olympic Games were organized in Athens.

Women in Old Greece couldnt take part in the Olympic Games.

The first modern Olympics were organized also in Athens in 1896.

Olympic Games are held (jsou pořádány) every 4 years, in a different country of the world.

The symbols of the Olympic Games are the Olympic flag with 5 rings and the Olympic fire.

It is a dream of every sportsman and sportswoman to take part in the Olympic Games.


Famous sportsmen/sportswoman

Emil Zátopek: The most famous Czech athlete is Emil Zatopek . He was runner. He was named (vyhlášen) the best athlete of the 20th century.

Dana Zátopková: Emil Zátopek was her husband. She was javelinist (oštěpařka)

Petr Čech: Petr Čech is the best football goalkeeper.

Jaromír Jágr: Jaromír Jágr is one of the best players in the world.



Sports and games are part of my life.

When I was small I played badminton.

I was in dance group. There we danced hip hop. IT was experience for me. I miss this time.

I go to the gym since July 2014. I glad (ráda) that I have found something that is for me fun and useful.

When is good weather I go running to nature. Nothing is better than running in fresh air.

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