The Most Memorable Trip of My Life – essay



Téma: The Most Memorable Trip of My Life

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It was last summer. It was the holidays and my best friends Luba, Marek and Kryštof and I decided to take a trip. We thought for a long time where to go, everyone wanted to go somewhere else. In the end, we agreed to go to Prague.

It was Friday, July 10, and we got up at 5:00 to catch our train. The train left at 5:53 from our main station. The train journey to Prague took about four hours and shortly after 9 o’clock we arrived in Prague at the main railway station. We were all excited. After we got off the train, we went to Wenceslas Square, where we had breakfast.

After that we decided to go go-karting. We were lucky because it was very cheap. We paid two hundred crowns for 35 minutes of driving. It was exhausting. But it was a good race. We had lot of fun.

And lastly, we decided to go to the cinema. The Batman film was playing in cinemas at the time. The film had less than three hours. We went to the very good cinema so it was a real experience. We all enjoyed it a lot.

The reason it was one of my best days is because I spent it with my best friends. Usually, we hang out for maybe four hours but this time I spent the whole day with them. And I think we all enjoyed it.

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