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1) Why do people travel? What are the advantages + disadvantages of travelling?

2) Do you like travelling? Do you prefer holiday abroad or in your country/with family, with friends or on your own/summer or winter holiday/in the mountains or at the seaside? Why?

3) Do you prefer camping or staying in hotels? Why? What are the positives and negatives?

4) When was the last time you were on holiday? Can you say something about it (Why did you travel there? With whom? Did you like it?)

5) Which means of transport do you prefer? And which one do you hate? Why?

6) What are the advantages/disadvantages of travelling by car/train/plane?

7) Have you ever gone hitch-hiking? What do you think of hitch-hiking? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

8) What do you think of commuting to work /school?

9) Do you think our country is interesting for foreign tourists? Why/Why not?

10) What are important things you should do before you go on holiday abroad?

11) Where would you like to travel if you had a lot of money?



1) People can travel for tourism, business, political and culture reasons. People like explore new faraway places and their traditions is also interesting for them.

2) I love travelling a lot, because I can meet new kind people and make new friends. I prefer holidays abroad with my family because I love sea and diving underwater. I don’t care about the season, especially if the weather is nice in that continent, for example Africa has warm weather all the time.

3) I like camping with the scouts, but with family I prefer a hotel. A hotel costs a lot of money, but camping is physically demanding. When I go camping, I have a heavy rucksack on my back, and I must walk a lot. When I go to the hotel, I don’t need to take a sleeping bag, tent, and a groundsheet. I prefer camping because I get more adventures.

4) I was recently on vacation in Greece with my grandmother and grandfather. It was before the start of Covid-19, so I miss traveling a lot.

5) I prefer traveling by plane because I like the feeling of being high above the ground. Yes, I’m afraid of heights, but I love airplanes. Traveling by plane is faster and safer, although many people don’t think so. I hate traveling by train because it’s always late and more expensive.

6) Travelling by car has many advantages for example you can get wherever you want and whenever you want. It has one disadvantage and that is that you must always be focused on driving to avoid a car accident. Travelling by train is mostly faster, but more expensive. Travelling by plane is the fastest and the safest. Disadvantage in travelling by plane is that you must comply with the size and weight of your luggage as requested by the airline.

7) The cheapest way to travel is hitchhiking. I’ve never hitchhiked because I didn’t need it. I think it’s a great to meet new people and new places. The advantage is saving money, but the disadvantage is danger. You can get into a car where the driver is kidnapper. It is important to use a seat belt and ask him to stop, then you can get out.

8) Commuting to work and school is very important. I guess commuting isn’t such a problem anymore. The worst thing is when the train or bus is late.

9) I think our country is interesting with chateaux, castles, churches, and temples. Our food is very tasty, and foreigners would have a well-paid job in Prague.

10) If I travel abroad, I must be sure that I have all the necessary documents like my passport, health insurance, travel insurance and a visa, if it’s needed. I need to exchange some money into the local currency of the country where I’m leaving.

11) When I have a lot of money, I want to see a lot of places. I prefer places by the sea. I would like to visit Cape Town in Africa and Ibiza in the Balearic Islands.

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