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First of all, I’ll tell you some basic information about this town ….


Basic information

Znojmo is a town in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic. South Moravia is well-known as the major wine-producing region in the Czech Republic. Znojmo is located on the left bank of the river Dyje and is surrounded by a landscape of the smallest National Park of the Czech Republic. It is National Park Podyjí. Znojmo is the second largest town in this region. It is the administrative capital city of the Znojmo District. The area of Znojmo is about 66 km². It has a population of 33 765 people. The mayor of the town is Jakub Malačka. We have here only one college and not a huge selection of grammar schools and high schools. Near the town is the border with another country – Austria.


Now, I’ll tell you something about the history of Znojmo.



It has already existed during the time of the Great Moravian Empire in the 9th century. But the first written mention of Znojmo comes from the 11th century. Znojmo was granted the status of a royal town in 1226 by Přemysl Otakar I as the first town in south Moravia. Emperor Sigismund of Luxembourg died at Znojmo and his body stayed here for three days at the St. Nicholas Church, than it was transferred in the Kingdom of Hungary.


Places of interest

It has many places to visit. Overlooking the river Dyje there is the Znojmo Castle, from the 11th century, founded by the Přemyslid dukes. Close to the castle is located the Rotunda of Saint Catherine, very popular monument in Znojmo. The Gothic Church of St. Nicholas and the Late Gothic Town Hall tower are other touristic spots. The church was built in the 14th century by the Emperor Charles IV, and the town hall, with its 75 metres high tower, is from the 15th century. Tourists also like to visit the Znojmo Catacombs. The catacombs are the largest system of underground corridors in the Czech Republic – they are almost 27 km long.

If you care more about nature than buildings and castles, you can go to Nation Park Podyjí. As I said, this national park is the smallest one in the Czech Republic. You can find there a great variety of plant and animal communities. There are lots of beautiful places and views of the Dyje valley. The National Park Podyjí is perfect for walking or cycling because there are a lot of walking and cycling trails. If you get away from the city, you can visit places as Vranov nad Dyjí, Bítov, Cornštejn, and many others. A lot of people also make trips to Austria, because it is really near.


Culture live

Cultural life in Znojmo is very varied. It offers something for everyone. The theatre offers us various dance performances or new and traditional plays. We have here a little cinema too, and there’s always something to choose from. In town, you can find great restaurants and cafés. There are plenty of supermarkets, shopping centres, and department stores. A lot of concerts, festivals, events, and celebrations take part there. Znojmo is well known for its wine festival, which takes place every September. The main attraction of the festival is the historical parade.

Sports grounds in Znojmo aren’t so varied, but there are one indoor swimming pool and one outdoor swimming area. We have here football fields, a stadium, tennis courts and fitness centres. In winter, we can ice skate in an outdoor ice rink or in an ice hall. The ice hall is here because Znojmo is an ice hockey town. Our town hockey team is called as Eagles of Znojmo.



Znojmo is famous for local production of cucumbers, pickled in the original sweet-sour and spicy pickle. The cucumber festivals are held in the town every year. Thanks to the climatic conditions, the town is also successful in winery and fruit growing. Our wines are of high quality and popular.


Me and Znojmo

Personally, I don’t come directly from this city, I live in a village 15 km away. But, of course, I still have such a great connection with it. Since I was a little girl, I come here with my parents to shop here, with primary school I went on excursions to Znojmo, and as an elder I entered a high school here. So this city is as much a part of my life as, say, my family or friend.

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